10 Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog But Definitely Know How To Cat


#1 Oh Hi There. I’m Mako A 2.5 Yr Old Pitbull. Just Doing Cat Stuff With My Brothers Pecan And Gizmo

#2 Marty Was Raised By Cats. Can You Tell?

#3 Cat Trees Aren’t Meant For Dogs

#4 He Grew Up With Two Cats

#5 And Then He Realized, He Is Not A Cat

#6 Milo Has Decided To Ditch The Dog Life, And Become A Cat

#7 My Friends Asked Me If He Was Raised With Cats

#8 I Think My Pit Hangs Out With The Cat Too Much

#9 How He Sits On The Couch

#10 My Husband Leaves For Work Earlier Than I Do. He Keeps The Dog Out So She Won’t Wake Me Up. However, We Have A Cat Door To Our Bedroom. This Is How I’m Greeted Most Mornings